Solaris specific functions on a Solaris -> Linux migration

Linux migration">Solaris的具体功能在Solaris -> Linux迁移

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I am migrating a Solaris 10 application to RHEL. The application uses certain Solaris-specific functions that I cannot find equivalent on Linux.

void double_to_decimal(double *px, decimal_mode *pm, decimal_record *pd, fp_exception_field_type *ps) (

Has anyone experienced this problem ? Please advise.

我是一个应用程序迁移Solaris 10版。应用程序使用函数的某种特定Solaris,我找不到相当于Linux。

无效的double_to_decimal(双* PX,decimal_mode *时,decimal_record×PD,fp_exception_field_type * PS)


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