Data analysis with JavaScript?


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Today my data analysis routine would be something like the following: do the heavy work with either R, Julia or Python and then display it in the web with JavaScript (for example, using D3.js).

My initial focus with JS was mainly data visualization/interaction with the end product of the analysis, so I started studying it with this in mind. But I was wondering: are there JS libraries focused on data analysis (data manipulation with the notion of data frames, implementation of statistical models) so it would be feasible to do some of the heavy work directly in JavaScript?



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I can list a number of projects that can help you in this process:

  1. d3js, which you already mentioned. It is not only limited to visualizing but also looking at the API section of the library, offers many manipulation methods.

  2. DataSet offers a good way to manipulate data.

  3. TableTop is a library intended for parsing of CSV data

  4. jStat is a library for statistical data analysis.

  5. With a bit of googling I also found this interesting website, full of infos:


  1. d3js,你已经提到。应用程序接口图书馆的部分,提供了许多操作方法。数据集

  2. 数据集提供了一个很好的方式来操纵数据。

  3. 桌面是一个库,用于解析CSV数据

  4. jstat是统计数据分析库。

  5. 有一点搜索我也发现这个有趣的网站,充分的信息: